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We're the transportation experts for students in ISD 181

Transporting Students Since 1947

Reichert Bus Service is proud to safely transport our area students. Starting in 1947 with one school bus, our fleet has grown with the Lakes Area and currently provides nearly 80 school bus routes that transport over 6,000 students each day.

Caring, safe, responsible and reliable, our school bus drivers give every effort to deliver their students safely each and every day.

Our in house training program provides both new and experienced drivers with the skills needed to safely operate a school bus - and our support staff is always ready to answer questions and concerns.

The safety of the students we transport is of primary importance at Reichert. We work closely with our School District in designing bus routes, bus stops, student behavior guidelines and driver training so that we can do everything we can to provide your students with a safe, hassle free bus ride to and from school.

We make available our "Safety Bus" to all elementary and private schools for training K-3 students in how to safely board, ride and exit the school bus. We do these classes in the fall with our schools and the kids really enjoy them!

Reichert Bus Service is willing and able to provide school bus contract transportation services. If your School District is interested in having us bid on services, please contact us or call us at our office.

Reichert Bus Service is an equal opportunity employer. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us or call us at our office.

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Contact ISD 181 School District

If you have any questions in regard to your child's school day, please contact their school.

Contact a School

  • Baxter Elementary: 218-454-6400

  • Garfield Elementary: 218-454-6450

  • Harrison Elementary: 218-454-6500

  • Lowell Elementary: 218-454-6550

  • Nisswa Elementary: 218-961-6860

  • Riverside Elementary: 218-454-6800

  • Forestview Middle School: 218-454-6000

  • Brainerd High School: 218-454-6200

Other ISD 181 Contact Numbers

For students with special needs:

For driver related issues:

To sign up for transportation:

FAQ's About Our School Bus Service

We just moved – How do I setup transportation for my student?

Contact the District Transportation Office at 218-454-6900. They will place your student on a bus route, issue a new bus card and notify you when services will commence.

Does my student need a bus card?

District policy requires all ISD 181 students to have a bus card in possession when riding a school bus.

Where can my student get a replacement bus card?

You need to call the Transportation Office at 218-454-6900.

Why do the pickup/drop times on the bus card vary from the actual pickup/drop times?

The times listed on the card are estimated by the District’s routing software. The actual time may vary due to road/traffic conditions and ridership. Please have your student at the bus stop, ready to board 5 minutes prior to the actual time that has been established.

School Delayed, Canceled or Early out – How are we notified?

ISD 181 will issue a Sky-Alert. This system sends out a mass-robocall to all phone numbers listed for all current ISD 181 students. Several local radio stations broadcast these notifications. Also, all websites of Twin Cities TV stations publish a current list of school closings/delays.

School is delayed 2 hours - What time should I have my student(s) at the bus stop?

Take the established (normal) pick-up time and add two hours. Please have your student(s) out at the bus stop ready to board 5-minutes prior to pick up.

The Bus is Running Late – How are we notified?

If a bus is running 10 or more minutes late, ISD 181 will issue a Sky-Alert to the affected families.

Can my student ride home with another student – Can another student ride home with my student?

Unless a student has a split household, students get one pickup and one drop location. Drivers are only authorized to transport students to the location prescribed by ISD 181. Drivers are prohibited from accepting notes or permission slips from parents.

Eating/Drinking on the bus – Is this allowed?

ISD 181 prohibits all consumption of food and beverages on all buses as you never know who may have a food allergy around you.

What is prohibited on the bus?

Any band instrument or sports equipment too large to be secured either in the student’s lap or on the floor in front of them. Any animal. Any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. Any flammable or explosive substances.

Students on the bus have done something involving your student.

Please contact the school dean or principal, this is a student on student issue.

Can I pick up or drop off my student at the BHS lower lot shuttle location?

No, drivers are responsible for that child once they have boarded the bus, they are not to get off anywhere other than their designated bus stop location.

My student is not riding, do I need to call to let the driver know?

No, the bus driver will run their route as is, if your student is not at the stop, they will continue.

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