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Job Openings

Reichert Bus has beena member of the Brainerd Lakes Community for 75 years!  We would love for you to join our family!

With nearly 100 employees, our average employee has 12 years of employment under their belt!

We are hiring drivers for:

  • School Bus
  • Special Needs
  • Afternoon trips
  • Long short-term subs

Our bus drivers play an integral part in the communities they serve.

They are committed to the safe and reliable transportation of our area's most precious asset, our children!

We are proud to offer PAID training for those without a Commercial Driver's License!

The process of becoming a driver:

  1. Apply Online.  Or in person.
  2. Once hired you’ll need to go through a background check.
  3. Once the background check comes back clear you can begin your permit training.
  4. Throughout the permit training process we will be with you every step of the way as our Safety Coordinators, Jenna and Tiffany, will guide you through the permit licensing with classes.  Once you’ve passed those you’ll move to the Behind the Wheel training.

Once training is complete and you’re placed on a route you’ll receive your first bonus!


As a School Bus Driver, your major responsibilities will be to:

  • Safely transport passengers
  • Perform daily pre/post trip vehicle inspections
  • Assists students in the loading and unloading process

Requirements of a School Bus Driver:

  • Good verbal communication skills preferred
  • Must have the ability to read and understand street signs, route sheets, and maps
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Be subject to a background check, drug screen & physical
  • Commercial driver's license is required - We will provide paid training to those who don't have a CDL

Experienced and Fully Licensed School Bus Drivers will Receive :

  • Relocation Assistance
  • Hiring Bonus
  • Additional Pay Based on Experience
  • Part Time Drivers are 20-25 per Week
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Reichert Bus is seeking an outstanding individual to join our Fleet Maintenance Team!  

We are a fun group of Technician’s who are International Certified and own are own tools, so you must also!

We’d love someone to join us and help us out to manage all manners of commercial vehicle repairs!  

We are busy! We need another positive, friendly, punctual and reliable person here in our shop!

We’re looking for someone with:

  • A minimum of 5-years experience
  • The ability to diagnose and perform light repairs both in the field and in the shop

Reichert Shop is a Certified International Repair Center and we receive the International Factory Training.  We have competitive wages and benefits packages available which we can talk about during your interview.  Did we mention we’re a fun group of Technician’s to work with?!

By the way, this is a full-time position.  Apply or come in today!

Complete an Online Application

Application for Employment

Click on each of the tabs to complete the required information. When completed with all 5 steps click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom. DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT APPLICATION" BUTTON UNTIL ALL 5 STEPS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED.

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Step 3 of 5: Employment History

Please give accurate, complete full-time and part-time employment record. Start with the most recent or present employer. List all jobs held for the previous ten years.

Step 4 of 5: References
Step 5 of 5: List all addresses where you have resided in the past five years

The information provided in this Application for Employment is true, correct, and complete. If employed. Any misstatement or omission of fact on this application may result in my dismissal.

I understand that acceptance of an offer of employment does not create a contractual obligation upon the employer to continue to employ me in the future. I understand that if I am hired, I will be an "at will" employee, i.e., I may quit at any time or be fired at any time without cause.

If you decide to investigate my credit, criminal, or personal history, I authorize you to do so.

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FAQ's About Becoming a Driver

We just moved – How do I setup transportation for my student?

Contact the District Transportation Office at 218-454-6900. They will place your student on a bus route, issue a new bus card and notify you when services will commence.

Does my student need a bus card?

District policy requires all ISD 181 students to have a bus card in possession when riding a school bus.

Where can my student get a replacement bus card?

You need to call the Transportation Office at 218-454-6900.

Why do the pickup/drop times on the bus card vary from the actual pickup/drop times?

The times listed on the card are estimated by the District’s routing software. The actual time may vary due to road/traffic conditions and ridership. Please have your student at the bus stop, ready to board 5 minutes prior to the actual time that has been established.

School Delayed, Canceled or Early out – How are we notified?

ISD 181 will issue a Sky-Alert. This system sends out a mass-robocall to all phone numbers listed for all current ISD 181 students. Several local radio stations broadcast these notifications. Also, all websites of Twin Cities TV stations publish a current list of school closings/delays.

School is delayed 2 hours - What time should I have my student(s) at the bus stop?

Take the established (normal) pick-up time and add two hours. Please have your student(s) out at the bus stop ready to board 5-minutes prior to pick up.

The Bus is Running Late – How are we notified?

If a bus is running 10 or more minutes late, ISD 181 will issue a Sky-Alert to the affected families.

Can my student ride home with another student – Can another student ride home with my student?

Unless a student has a split household, students get one pickup and one drop location. Drivers are only authorized to transport students to the location prescribed by ISD 181. Drivers are prohibited from accepting notes or permission slips from parents.

Eating/Drinking on the bus – Is this allowed?

ISD 181 prohibits all consumption of food and beverages on all buses as you never know who may have a food allergy around you.

What is prohibited on the bus?

Any band instrument or sports equipment too large to be secured either in the student’s lap or on the floor in front of them. Any animal. Any drugs, alcohol or tobacco products. Any flammable or explosive substances.

Students on the bus have done something involving your student.

Please contact the school dean or principal, this is a student on student issue.

Can I pick up or drop off my student at the BHS lower lot shuttle location?

No, drivers are responsible for that child once they have boarded the bus, they are not to get off anywhere other than their designated bus stop location.

My student is not riding, do I need to call to let the driver know?

No, the bus driver will run their route as is, if your student is not at the stop, they will continue.

ISD 181 Student Transportation Safety Policy

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